Kate Newman

Vice President, Sustainable Infrastructure and Public Sector Initiatives

Kate Newman
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As World Wildlife Fund (WWF) vice president for sustainable infrastructure and public sector initiatives, Kate specializes in policy development and conservation planning in support of nature-positive infrastructure. For over 30 years with WWF, Kate has worked with colleagues around the world to integrate conservation science and principles into socio-economic development through terrestrial and marine natural capital and ecoregion planning, sustainable finance, green/blue economy policies, community-based conservation, and protected area management. Pre-WWF, she supported civil society organizations in farm-to-market road, mini-hydropower, and rural clinic development with the US Agency for International Development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she was also a Peace Corps volunteer teacher. Kate received a BA in anthropology from the University of Virginia and MSc in environmental management from the University of London.

“I am continuously humbled and inspired by our government and civil society counterparts in countries around the world who make the most extraordinary leadership decisions on the environment— and they are doing so while struggling with more dramatic economic and climate change pressures than we can sometimes imagine. These are brave and true visionaries, and I feel it is a great privilege to be supporting them with our work. They will make the world a better place. ”

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Vice President


  • BA Anthropology, University of Virginia
  • MSc Environmental Management, University of London

Areas of Expertise

  • Large-scale conservation planning (national, multi-national)
  • Public Policy
  • Public Sector Finance
  • Green Economy, Natural Capital and Ecosystems Services
  • Community based conservation
  • Forest and marine conservation