In Iraq there are about 4000 poultry farms and more than 40000 people are directly  working in these farms. Unfortunately the Enviroment and higenisation of the farms can cause many health issues, Enviromental issues and harm the people working there in many ways. Also, in places near from the farm you cannot even pass by due to the bad smell that the farms produce.

After a long research and development Heal The Globe organization was lucky to be able to find a natural product to solve this existing problem which was Vitafresh Project which is A completely natural solution product for microbiological hygienisation, neutralizing of odours, inhabitation of decay processess purification of organic waste and revilization of water purposely.Heal The globe organization distributed these product to the farmers in Kurdistan region/Duhok which contribute to 15% of poultry farms in Iraq.  


 ยท Improved immune system of animals

It reduced sickness of animals and prevented diseases from happening such as Newcastle, Bird flu.

.  Improved animal breathing

. It Optimised levels of benificial microflora
.    It Neutralized odours
. Vitafresh project had significant impact on life of people working there since it kept the working Enviroment safe from viruses.